CV Prof. De Smet

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Dr Koen De Smet is the founder and head of the ANCA clinic. A distinguished career since the 1980s has seen him build an international practice while maintaining a personalised approach. He founded ANCA in 1997 and focussed his orthopedic practice on hip conditions with the aim of offering world class treatments. He takes pride in his track record of helping patients walk again who have been deemed 'untreatable' and have given up hope. To give someone their 'life back' and enable them to return to activities and hobbies gives Dr De Smet immense satisfaction.  



Masters Degree, 3 July 1989

Premed school, 1980 - 1989


February 1988: orthopedics, St.Vincentius Hospital, Antwerp. Dr. Thibaut

March 1988: internal medicine, Bijloke Hospital, Ghent. Dr. Mortier

April 1988: urology, University Hospital, Ghent. Prof. Dr. W. De Sy

July-August 1988: obstetrics and gynecology. Bijloke Hospital, Ghent. Dr. H. De Gezelle

September 1988: orthopedics and traumatology. University Hospital, Ghent. Prof. Dr. H. Claessens

October 1988: anesthesiology. University Hospital, Ghent. Prof. Dr. G. Rolly

November 1988: orthopedics and traumatoly. University Hospital, Ghent. Prof.Dr.H.Claessens

December 1988: cardiology. O.L. Vrouw Hospital, Knokke Dr. P. Willems

January 1989:Accident and Emergency. University Hospital, Ghent. Prof.Dr.W.Buylaert

February 1989: surgery - Dr.L.Berwouts. orthopedics - Dr.Lagast. St. Vincentius Hospital, Deinze

March 1989: surgery. St.Vincentius Hospital, Ghent. Dr.L.Vereecken

April-May 1989: pediatrics. University Hospital, Ghent. Prof.Dr.Leroy

June 1989: nefrology. University Hospital, Ghent. Prof.Dr.Ringoir

From 1986 to 1987: research-assistent at the Orthopedic and Traumatologic Department of the Ghent. St.Vincentius Hospital (head of department Dr.E.Ronsse.)

1987-1989: collaborator in various scientific studies and basic research intended for publication and other projects at the University of Ghent, Orthopedic and Traumatologic Department, Prof.Dr.H. Claessens and Prof.Dr.R. Verdonk.